How to create an email address in Plesk

Learn how to create an email address in Plesk

In this article, we’re explaining how you can add an email address in Plesk. We’ll also show you how you can add an alias to an email address, but that’s completely optional. An email alias is simply a forwarding email address. The term alias expansion is sometimes used to indicate a specific mode of email forwarding.


  • A Web hosting Plan

Step 1: Log into Plesk

First, go to your client area and log in with your credentials.

client area

Navigate to 

My Dashboard and click on 

Webhosting. Click on the right Web hosting plan.

client area webhosting

If you click on 

Login Details, you will see your login credentials.

client area credentials plesk

Click on the URL above to log in.

Plesk login screen

Step 2: Creating  an email address

At the left side panel, click on 

Mail. Then choose 

Create Email Address.

Create Email Address

Choose the email address you want via 

Email Address. If you want to be able to log into Plesk with this email, check the checkbox. The 

External Email Address is the email address that will be used to recover the password if you lose access to the primary email address. In the field 

Password insert your password. Next, leave the Mailbox checkbox selected. Clearing this checkbox makes sense only if you want to use this address as a mail forwarder, which will forward all incoming mail to another address. Specify the mailbox size or use the default size defined by the provider’s policy.

create email address panel

The description in Plesk is visible to anyone that has access to the email address, but you can also leave this field empty. Click 

OK to continue.

If you have successfully added an email address, a green bar will appear at the top.

Email address added

Step 3: Adding Email Aliases (optional)

Open the email you want to add an alias to.

Email menu

Navigate to the 

Email Aliases tab and click on it.

Email Alias Tab

Now insert the Email Alias you want to use. You can click on 

Add Email Alias to add more aliases at the same time. When you’re done click on 

OK or 

Apply to apply the changes.

Email Alias


Congratulations, you have successfully added an email address in Plesk with an (optional) alias.

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